Senuti for PC: Best iPod Music Recovery in Windows

Easily transfer iPod music to computer and another iPod/iPhone/iPad

Senuti is the first class of iPod music recovery software that allows you to recover music, playlists and video from your iPod and iPhone. It makes sharing music and rebuilding iTunes music library easier than ever. Unfortunately, the official Senuti only works on Mac OS X.

This website introduces the best Senuti for Windows alternative - Wondershare TunesGo which not only enables you to recover music/playlist/video from iPod, but also helps you manage content on your iPod/iPhone/iPad, share music with friends, and more.

Transfer iPod Music/Playlist and Rebuild iTunes Library

Senuti for Windows 7

Wondershare TunesGo for PC is a two-way iPod transfer. With just one click, you're able to recover music and playlists to your PC or iTunes, and restore your iTunes library. This is very useful in case that you have reinstalled your computer, crashed iTunes or lost music by unknown reasons. It also makes sharing music with friends like a breeze since it can transfer music between iPods directly (without iTunes).

Like Senuti, TunesGo is a smart iPod recovery software. With the "Smart Export" feature, songs in your iPod and iTunes library will be compared and duplicate songs won't be transferred.

Bored with iTunes? We, too. This Senuti for Windows alternative allows you to transfer files between multiple Apple Devices without iTunes.
Sound good? Try it now. It's free and zero-risk.

No Barrier Between Every iOS Device on Windows

Senuti for Windows iOS 7

iPod, iPhone and iPad are the most popular portable devices in the world. Wondershare TunesGo paves the way of enjoying your music, photo and video on all iPod, iPhone and iPad. It fully supports iOS devices running iOS 5 or later, including the latest iOS 7.1.

Free updates are provided for registered customers of Wondershare TunesGo - best Senuti for Windows equivalent.

Not Only Music - Manage Everything: Photos, Contacts, SMS, Podcast, etc.

Senuti for Windows 8

iPod is not just an MP3 player, while iPhone is not just a phone. They are your digital center. Besides music, you may have photos and contacts on your iPod, iPhone, iPad.

Wondershare TunesGo for Windows is similar to Senuti, but far better. In addition to transferring music and playlists, it also lets you manage photos, contacts, SMS messages in an easy way. With it, you can easily save photos to your PC for print and share, or import photos to your iPod without iPhoto.

It's a fully featured contacts manager which helps you manage contacts quickly and easily: Edit, import, remove duplicates and more.

For text messages, MMS & iMessages, you're able
to export them with attachments to an HTML/XML/TXT file
so as to print them out.

Convert Media to iPod/iPhone/iPad Before Transferring

Senuti for Windows PC

Want to import music/video to iTunes and sync to iPod but encounter error message? This will not happen any more.

When you import media files that are incompatible with your device, this Senuti for PC substitute will ask you whether to convert them before transferring. More than 100 media formats are supported. It means you can watch almost anything on your iPod/iPhone/iPad without any media converter required. You can even extract MP3 from video files when import videos to your music playlist on your iOS device.

To import files to your connected device, simply??click the down arrow under the "Add" button, and then select "Add File" or "Add Folder".

Download Senuti for Windows
Senuti for PC alternative - Wondershare TunesGo
.exe 21 MB, compatible with Windows 8.1/Windows 8/7/Vista/XP